We have owned beautiful Brasilia by Broyhill since it was new!

Many of our pieces came from Hopkins Furniture in Alexandria, Virginia. Sadly the line was discontinued in the early 1970's and we were unable to complete our collection UNTIL recently!  About 5 years ago with the advent of ebay and other means to find vintage furniture, we began to find pieces that we could add to our home. Over a couple of years we completed our collection, furnished our future retirement home in Northern Florida and added quite a bit to our son's home as well!!

In the process we acquired duplicate pieces that we resold.  We found there were many others out there like us and gradually we have become the premier buyers and sellers of this beautiful line of furniture.

All of our pieces have been carefully inspected and refinished or restored where needed very close to their original condition. Please remember that it is vintage furniture - nearing half a century - and there may be some minor blemishes that will not affect the overall appearance of the piece. Anything that is noticeable is both disclosed and discounted. Buy with confidence - we have satisfied customers all over the country.

If you are looking for a specific piece, please contact us.  We sell individual pieces, e.g. chairs, table leafs, drawer handles etc.  We ship all over the country by economical Greyhound or through a number of transportation companies that we met by using Uship. We are able to obtain excellent prices for shipping - much better than most others who might also have a piece of this furniture to sell.

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